The goal of the education program is to 

educate, enrich, and entertain students

of all ages through integrated arts programming.

Specific Objectives

  • To present, within the context of PreK-12 learning, arts-in-education programming that is curriculum-based, culturally-diverse, multi-disciplinary (music, dance, theatre), fully-accessible and age-appropriate.
  • To offer students and educators an integrated, multi-faceted approach to arts education that broadens the scope and sequence of the traditional curriculum and addresses a variety of learning styles.
  • To introduce new audiences to the performing arts through programs and activities that are both traditional and innovative.
  • To broaden the experience of existing audiences through contact with artists of varied disciplines who represent diverse styles and cultures, and through the introduction of new art forms developed in collaborative associations.


For 26 years, the Clowes Memorial Hall education program:

  • has been providing young audiences in grades PreK-12 the opportunity to experience live theatre productions involving music, dance, spoken word and drama. 
  • has afforded teachers in the Central Indiana area with professional development opportunities to connect the arts to the curriculum using arts integration strategies – an approach to learning that engages students in the creative process through activities that join the art form and another subject area’s (math, science, social studies, literature) objectives equally. (In partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts)
  • has offered opportunities for all to tour Clowes Memorial Hall and get a “behind the scenes” look of how a theatre works. 
  • has been providing educational programs and resources to enhance the live matinee experience via school visits, virtual visits, or extending the experience while at Clowes Memorial Hall and Butler University.
  • has supported the Butler University community, specifically collaborating with the Jordan College of the Arts and the College of Education, with specialized educational programming benefitting both PreK-12 students and the Butler University students alike.

For 7 years, the Clowes Memorial Hall education program has given the opportunity to creative teens in grades 7-12 to be honored and earn awards and scholarships, and have their works exhibited and published through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.