Teacher and Student Workshops

Teacher workshops at Clowes Memorial Hall and in the Central Indiana area schools provide an opportunity for teachers to gain professional development in teaching the arts and in teaching through arts integration strategies.

In partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, teacher workshops are based on the belief that teachers’ professional learning is an essential component of any effort designed to increase the artistic literacy of young people. The Kennedy Center's extensive experience with its local professional learning program, established in 1976, provides the basis for this national program.  Since 1992, Clowes Memorial Hall education has offered 4-8 teacher workshops for teachers annually on the campus of Butler University and/or in Central Indiana schools with the emphasis on connecting the arts to the curriculum using arts integration strategies – an approach to learning that is engaging students in the creative process through activities joining the art form and another subject area’s (math, science, social studies, literature) objectives equally.