The Butler Arts Center is a multi-purpose performing arts facility that serves as a cultural and educational resource for Butler University and the greater Indianapolis community. The BAC is also made available for rent to not-for-profit and for-profit organizations pending availability.

It is the responsibility of the Butler Arts Center to provide you with the services needed to present your event to your patrons. Because we are usually not part of the creative team that produces the show or event, it is important that we be informed of all the needs of the show or event well before it comes to on the BAC venues. These needs include schedules and all resources: human and equipment. This allows us to prepare well in advance for the needs of all Lessees of the space. 

Clowes Technical Rider

Schrott Center for the Arts Technical Rider

See a 360° view of the inside of Clowes Memorial Hall here.


If you have questions or concerns about the policies and procedures, please contact our Executive Director, Aaron Hurt (