Ziggy Klett: 47 Chairs

September 17 - 17, 2022

Okay so here’s what happened. In 5th grade I fell in love with a girl and I really thought someday we would get married and our life would be like The Sound of Music. Except without Rolfe the treacherous Nazi punk played by Daniel Truhitte. That dream got blown up when we moved to Detroit. There I attended high school and learned to drink smoke gamble fight and fornicate all before registration. Right before junior year we moved back to Wisconsin which really sucked because I had a sweet girlfriend in Detroit and we were just getting ready to start having sex.

After a terrible 2 years I was accepted to Madison which was a life changing experience. After 4 years and 1 day my Dad picked me up and I moved back to Detroit. There I fell in love with a beautiful charismatic super model from Iowa except she was a drug addict. I tried hard but the drugs won. The next 15 years were spent running, searching for love, battling depression, raising Ian and Henry, having a lot of fun mixed with horrible sadness because I couldn’t recover from my divorce. In 2003 I went to Fast Daters and met the girl I should have married in 1979. But that’s not how life works. We worked a bunch of stuff out for 15 years then in 2019 we got married. Our wedding reception was in a gay bar in Toledo Ohio. I invited the Village People but they couldn’t make it. The food was fantastic. In 2006 I got hooked on the most powerful intoxicant of all stand up comedy. Powerful stuff. In 16 years I have done a ton of shows in a ton of places. Mostly Ohio. I started writing 47 Chairs because I wanted to escape the tyranny of the punchline and became determined to create, produce and perform my own thing. So that’s what I’m doing. Oh I forgot one thing. In 2019 I got stage 4 cancer but I beat it. All good.


About Ziggy Klett: 

Ziggy Klett was born in the deep north. The youngest of six children, he is four generations deep into an evil brew of Catholic rage and Jewish guilt. Often ridiculed as a youth for sporting bizarre hairstyles and colorful Norwegian sweaters, he quickly developed a twisted sense of humor. As a prolific bed wetter, his imaginary childhood friend, Mr. Peanut, guided him skillfully through a peculiar childhood of dumpster fires and petty theft.

A shaving scandal involving the girl’s archery team marred junior high for Ziggy; high school lowlights include being named valedictorian of his summer school class, being selected most likely to be water boarded, an unfortunate period of incarceration for his involvement in a pyramid-marketing scheme of homemade Tasers. Luckily, all charges were later dropped and he did, eventually, graduate.

College was a continuous blur of raucous parties and sophomoric stunts. Then classes started. After graduating (sort of) cum laude, Ziggy spent a brief period of time teaching Driver’s Ed at The Sorbonne in Paris and English as a Second Language in Detroit.

Comedy came quite naturally to Ziggy because, frankly, there was nothing else left to do. His comedic style can only be described as a bizarre cross between Sam Kinison, Robin Williams and Yves Montaigne. He is fast and furious, deep and shallow, high and low, but, mostly, he is simply pure, unadulterated Ziggy.



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