The Psychology of Serial Killers

May 17, 2023 @ 7:30pm

Have you ever wondered what makes a serial killer a serial killer?

Most serial killers live out in society among their neighbors, undetected for many years, before they are finally caught.

World expert in criminology, Dr. Scott Bonn, gives us a masterclass into why we, the general public, are so fascinated with serial killers and their horrific crimes.

He will share with us all his knowledge on this very dark subject, and will answer questions like: Who are these monsters and why do they do what they do? What are the common traits that they share? Why do people fall in love with them? What is their motivation to kill and kill again?

Audiences can expect to learn what motivates these monster criminals, hear chilling insights into these deviant minds, and the truth behind the headlines.

Please be advised that no crime scene photos are used in any of talks.  

Disclaimer: This event is for ages 13+ and will include subject matter and images that some patrons may find disturbing



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