Littlest Angel

December 10 - 11, 2022

Littlest Angel is a story of the youngest angel in heaven–a little girl who doesn’t know how to act angelic. Her heart yearns for earth, where her girlish treasures lie…a butterfly, a bird’s nest, 3 white stones that came from the river bank where she and her friends would play & the leather dog collar worn by her devoted dog. When the birth of the Christ child was announced, all the angels excitedly gathered to present their gifts to the newborn king. All the Littlest Angel had to offer was her simple earthly treasures. Even though she was sad to part with it, she offered her beloved wooden box to the pile of glorious gifts. Of all the gifts, God chose that of the Littlest Angel. Her gift pleased him the most because they were HIS earthly creations. God raised the wooden box above all the others, it’s love radiating from it like a blazing star – a star that came to be known throughout history as the Star of Bethlehem.



Masks are strongly encouraged to be worn by all patrons in the venue.