C.S. Lewis on Stage: Further Up & Further In

May 13, 2023 @ 4:00pm

A Mesmerizing, One-of-a-Kind Experience!
Award-winning actor Max McLean’s tour de force performance captures C.S. Lewis’ magnetic personality, astonishing eloquence and self-deprecating wit to create an onstage experience venturing deep into the soul of one of the most influential thinkers of the past century.  Using Lewis’ own words, this dazzling, multimedia, theatrical event explores:

  •      What convinced Lewis of the divinity of Christ.
  •      Why the BBC gave him a huge audience to deliver wartime talks that would become Mere Christianity.
  •      How Hitler influenced the writing of The Screwtape Letters.
  •      How his profound insights on prayer, heaven and the Second Coming of Christ influenced The Chronicles of Narnia.

Don’t miss this mesmerizing, one-of-kind stage experience that promises to take you further up and further in the heart and mind of C.S. Lewis.



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