CCOM Distinguished Lecture: Dr. Melissa Crum "Perspective and Inclusion"

February 8, 2023 @ 4:00pm

This event is in the Johnson Board Room, located in Robertson Hall

This event helps participants understand the adapt within spaces that include people who may be different than them.  Participants learn evidence-based definitions of complex words to help support meaningful conversations and become more inclusive leaders of DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) through the lens of representation, belonging, and engagement.


  • Connect history, language, and current inclusion challenges.
  • Strengthen awareness of the intersection of race, gender, and class, to participate in productive engagement with communities.


Dr. Melissa Crum is an artist, author, researcher, and founder of the consulting company, Mosaic Education Network, LLC.  Mosaic infuses the arts, research, storytelling, and critical thinking into professional development, community building, and curriculum development. Dr. Crum has facilitated training sessions across the U.S., creating a non-judgmental and refreshingly honest look at privileges and privately held beliefs.  Her workshops focus on workplace culture development, equipping educators, leadership, staff, and board members with the skills to implement inclusive and equitable practices. by creating a brave space, Dr. Crum’s workshops allow organizations to critically investigate policies, workplace and learning culture, and relationship dynamics.  Together, she empowers teams to positively dismantle systemic patterns, build authentic communication, and instigate radical growth organization wide.

This performance is free and open to the public, no ticket is required.


Masks are strongly encouraged to be worn by all patrons while in the venue. 

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Wednesday | 2.8.234:00pm
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