Candid Camera’s Unmasked Tour

September 16, 2022 @ 8:00pm

Candid Camera’s Unmasked Tour,” has pleased audiences nationwide. Peter’s hilarious stage comedy is blended with clips, quips and behind-the-scenes tales, plus sharp takes on our new, mask-free “normal.” Candid Camera holds a unique place in entertainment history as the only show to have produced new episodes in eight different decades – from Allen Funt’s debut in 1948 through Peter’s run on TV Land. Peter’s latest show was a “Top Pick” in People Magazine and praised by The New York Times. The stage show incorporates the best Candid Camera footage in a fast-paced, laugh-filled romp through the decades. Peter’s topical humor is blended with audience participation and special surprises to make the show a great night of fun. Highlights include Candid Camera clips about behavior — used in college psychology courses worldwide. Peter has hosted more than 200 network episodes of Candid Camera. He also appears on numerous talk shows, authored the book “Self-Amused,” and writes opinion columns for The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

About Peter Funt:

Peter Funt, is a television host, speaker and columnist, continuing the Funt Family tradition of making people smile. In addition to hosting the landmark series “Candid Camera,” Peter’s op-ed columns appear regularly in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. His writing and public appearances contain the same pointed social observations that have made “Candid Camera” popular since its invention by Peter’s dad, Allen, back in 1947.
Peter’s hilarious tell-some memoir, Self-Amused, recounts a lifetime of surprises—both on-camera and off. According to Peter, “The book is certain to be modest success.” After a break caused by the pandemic, Peter’s acclaimed stage show is touring the country, combining the best clips and quips from “Candid Camera” with topical humor and audience surprises.
Peter Funt made his first appearance on “Candid Camera” when he and the legendary series were each just three years old. Peter posed as a shoeshine boy who charged $10 per shoe. He has since appeared in hundreds of “Candid Camera” sequences and hosted over 200 network episodes. A new version is entering production.
Earlier in his career, Peter Funt produced and hosted TV specials on the Arts & Entertainment and Lifetime cable networks. He also spent five years as an editor and reporter with ABC News in New York. His book, “Cautiously Optimistic,” is a collection of essays observing
the social scene. He also authored “Gotcha!” for Grosset & Dunlap on
the lost art of practical joking. He was Editor of the monthly On Cable Magazine.
Peter follows in his father’s footsteps as President of the Laughter Therapy Foundation, a non-profit started by Allen Funt in 1982. Laughter Therapy sends special videos, at no charge, to critically ill people throughout the U.S. Peter received his degree in journalism from the University of Denver. In 2010 he returned to the Denver
campus to be honored as a Master Scholar in Arts and Humanities, and in 2011 delivered the keynote at
the annual Alumni Symposium. He is a past winner of the Silurian’s Award for radio news reporting, for his ABC News coverage of racial disturbances in Asbury Park, N.J., and a recipient of the Angel Award for television.
Peter is founder of the Monterey County Young Journalists program in California, which provides training for high school students pursuing careers in news. He also inaugurated the Courtroom Journalism competition in Monterey County in conjunction with the Lyceum Organization, and has conducted a similar statewide event for the Constitutional Rights Foundation in Los Angeles. Peter and his wife, Amy, reside in Central California. They have two children, Stephanie and Danny. Peter’s favorite pastimes are golf, baseball, tennis and people-watching.


Masks are strongly encouraged to be worn by all patrons while in the venue. 

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