Student Production

Butler Theatre: A (RE)MAKING PROJECT

April 13 - 16, 2022

Conceived & Directed by WILLIAM FISHER
from 5 or 10 or 53 Plays by CHARLES L. MEE

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“There is no such thing as an original play…Sometimes playwrights steal stories and conversations and dreams and intimate revelations from their friends and lovers and call this original… And sometimes some of us write about our own innermost lives, believing that, then, we have written something truly original and unique. But, of course, the culture writes us first, and then we write our stories… And so, whether we mean to or not, the work we do is both received and created, both an adaptation and an original, at the same time. We re-make things as we go.” – Charles Mee

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Thursday | 4.14.227:00pm
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Friday | 4.15.227:00pm
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Saturday | 4.16.222:00pm
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Saturday | 4.16.227:00pm
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