Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Education Matinees

Registration and Payment:

1. How much are seats for students and teachers?

  • Student admissions range from $8 to $11 each. Adult chaperone admissions range from $15 to $17 each.

2. How many students are required to be considered a school group?

  • A school group attending a School Matinee Performance should consist of 10 students or more. We would like teachers accompanying the group to attend at no extra cost and use the following chart in figuring the number of free teachers:

# of students

# of free

# of students

# of free





























  • Additional adult seats for parent chaperones may be purchased at the adult chaperone rate by the Contact Person listed on the Registration Form. For the safety of the students, ALL additional adult chaperone seats with the school group MUST be included on the Registration Form. Any changes to the number of adult chaperone seats must be requested in writing by the Contact Person to the Box Office.  If an additional adult purchases a physical or digital ticket from the Box Office or online through Ticketmaster, they will be directed to the public seating section, and will not be seated with the school group.

3. When can I submit a registration form? 

  • It is in your best interest to complete and submit a registration form along with a copy of your purchase order as soon as possible to secure your reservation to a particular matinee performance. Registrations are accepted as soon as performances are announced in May prior to the next school year. 

4. If I don't submit full payment with registration, why do I need to send a purchase order from my school?

  • A Purchase Order (PO) is an agreement between your school and the Butler Arts Center that you will promise to make payment by the required due date, usually one month before a performance. A Purchase Order is not payment. It is a buyer-generated document used to authorize a purchase transaction or a service, and it should include the number of students, teachers, and additional adults attending at their respective prices. 

5. When is payment due?

  • Payment is generally due about one month before a performance, with consideration given to holidays. See the registration form for payment due dates. It is the industry standard in a theatre to make payment for seats needed before the performance, much like you would purchase tickets to secure your seats before seeing a performance. 

6. Do you accept home educators at School Matinee Performances?

  • Yes! We treat our home educators as we would any other school, with just a couple exceptions. First, all tickets for home educator groups are $8 for students and $15 for adults ($11 for students, $17 for adults for The Nutcracker). Second, we do not offer any complimentary tickets for home educator groups. We highly recommend that if you would like to attend as a group or co-op, appoint a single contact person in charge of organizing and paying for your reservation. This ensures group seating and ease of registration and payment. Third, home educator groups must submit full payment with registration; no Purchase Order (PO) will be accepted.

7. Can babies and young children attend School Matinee Performances?

  • Some performances are geared to the preschool-aged child, and while we do not recommend children under age 2 years attending a school matinee performance, ALL children attending matinee programs, regardless of age, must pay for admission at the student rate.

8. How will I get my tickets?

  • You will not receive physical or digital tickets for your visit to a school matinee performance at Clowes Memorial Hall. We utilize a group seating chart that is made shortly before the performance. The Contact Person of each school group will receive a final confirmation email approximately 2 weeks before the performance confirming the exact number in attendance. On the day of the performance, the Contact Person should lead check in with the Butler Arts Center’s usher staff upon entering the doors of the Hall so that they can direct you to your assigned seats. For adult chaperones meeting school groups at a matinee performance, please check in with Butler Arts Center’s usher staff at the entrance to the Hall so that they can direct you to the school’s assigned seats.

9. Can I choose seats for my group?

  • No. Clowes Hall staff use a group seating chart that is made shortly before each performance. This allows the greatest flexibility in seating many large groups without separating schools. We attempt to prioritize schools that have registered and paid early. While you are welcome to request a particular area of our theatre, student matinees regularly sell out and we can never guarantee preferred seating.

10. What if I have a student who requires special accommodations?

  • Each of the Butler Arts Center’s facilities (Clowes Hall, Schrott Center, Lilly Hall, Eidson-Duckwall Hall & Shelton Auditorium) are fully-accessible, and the Butler Arts Center staff will make every effort to accommodate the needs of any patron. If anyone in your group requires wheelchair-accessible seating, Audio Description (AD), American Sign Language (ASL), assisted listening services, sensory-friendly seating, or any other accommodations, please contact Julie England (clowesboxoffice@butler.eduat least two weeks before your visit so that we can best accommodate your needs. While we will work diligently to meet the needs of every patron, we cannot guarantee accommodation requests made within 2 weeks of the performance.

11. What if a bus driver wants to attend the performance?

  • Bus drivers may attend at no extra charge, and will need to walk from the parked bus at Hinkle Fieldhouse Lot to the performance venue then back to the bus in time to pick up the group at dismissal. To ensure bus drivers who want to attend the School Matinee Performance are a part of your school group, add the number of bus drivers attending to the free chaperones column of the registration form and indicate bus drivers will be joining your group in the NOTES section.

12. What if a parent, grandparents, or guardians want to attend the performance and sit with our group? 

  • We welcome additional adults as chaperones to your group. In order to sit with the group in their designated seating location, chaperone tickets must be ordered by the teacher serving as the Contact Person for the school. All patrons purchasing through the Box Office or online through Ticketmaster will be seated in the general public section. This is for the safety of everyone attending the performance.


13. What if a student is absent on the day of the performance?

  • We realize a student or two may be absent on the day of the performance due to illness or emergency. Because this is a theatre with an exact number of seats reserved and purchased for your group, a seat cannot be refunded, but it CAN be exchanged to another person from your group who can attend the performance.  This can include another adult chaperone (parent, staff or administrator) or student.

14. What happens if my school is delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather or there is an unforeseen circumstance that occurs on the day we’re scheduled to attend?

  • If a school is cancelled/delayed due to inclement weather on the day of the performance, or an unforeseen circumstance occurs that does not allow your school to attend, please contact the Clowes Hall front desk at (317) 940-9697 after 8:30 AM the morning of the performance. The Education staff is not in their offices on matinee performance days and will not be able to respond quickly to email or their office phone. We will be able to credit your account toward a future matinee performance. Refunds are given if an event is cancelled by the Butler Arts Center. 

15. Does the Butler Arts Center have a space available for my group to eat lunch?

  • Due to the increased demand for meeting and classroom space and the limited availability on the Butler University campus, we are no longer booking space for lunches. We welcome you to enjoy lunch at nearby parks – Holliday Park, Broad Ripple Park, & Tarkington Park – or at restaurants that have large group facilities.

16. Does the Butler Arts Center have a dress code?

  • There is no required dress code to attend a matinee performance at the Butler Arts Center, but if your school has a dress code, the same should apply in visiting with us. This visit can be a great time to teach students about dressing up for a special occasion, and we welcome visitors looking their best when they attend a live matinee performance.

17. Do performances at the Butler Arts Center contain content that could be considered inappropriate for a school audience?

  • One of the most important functions that the theatre offers its community is the opportunity to create conversation. At the Butler Arts Center, we pride ourselves on providing student audiences with the same high-quality, thought-provoking productions that we produce for the general public. However, we also recognize that every school audience is different and may have concerns about the content presented on stage. To that end, we offer recommended age guidelines for every production, as well as an advisory addressing potentially objectionable content. Additionally, we offer Teacher Resources for every production, and encourage concerned teachers to explore the content of the play in advance.

18. What are ways we can prepare students for a Live Matinee Performance?

  • One of the mission goals is to provide you and your students resources to prepare you for the performance. Student study guides are written for each matinee sharing information about the content of the performance, about the specific performance location, and about the significance of visiting a professional theatre. Day-of-performance information (parking and arrival instructions, maps, theatre etiquette) can be accessed here at any time to prepare for a matinee performance or to be used after the performance. 

19. Can I take photographs or video during the performance?

  • No. To protect the copyrights of our artists, photography or video of any kind is not permitted inside the theatre before, during, or after the show. If you would like a group photo to commemorate your visit, we invite you to gather outside in the lobby on the front lawn for that special photo of your visit.

20. What is the expected etiquette at a School Matinee Performance?

  • Students should
    • Discard all gum, food, and drink before entering the theatre.
    • Turn off all technology during the performance.
    • React appropriately during the performance. Laugh when it's funny, cry when it's sad, or gasp when it's shocking, but refrain from personal conversations during the performance. Talking of any kind during the show disturbs audience and performers alike.
  • Teachers and chaperones should follow the same guidelines as students, as well as
    • Distribute themselves among students to monitor behavior.
    • Report any student who is ill or injured to a Butler Arts Center staff member immediately.

21. What happens if there is an emergency during the show?

  • In the unlikely event of a fire or weather emergency during the performance, an alarm will sound and the lights will come up. Remain calm, stay seated, listen for instructions, and allow Butler Arts Center staff to guide you to the nearest exit or safe space. The performance will resume as quickly as possible when it is safe.