A Violist's Trousseau, Part of Spirit & Place Festival - Revolution
November 3, 2019
A Violist's Trousseau, Part of Spirit & Place Festival - Revolution

Free admission, no ticket required

In a program spanning the era of classical music from the baroque to the present, Colette Abel explores the evolution and revolution of the viola and viola d’amore through the music of Vivaldi, Schubert, Paganini, and Richard Auldon Clark.

Enjoy an afternoon of classical music performed by Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra violist Colette Abel. As a special treat, Colette will not only play the viola but also the viola d’amore–a rarely heard historical instrument! With fourteen strings and pegs, along with a carved head scroll, the violad’amore enjoyed tremendous popularity in the baroque and early classical eras before falling out of use. “A Violist’s Trousseau” will highlight the evolution of the viola as an instrument and demonstrate the revolutionary potential of the viola for creative expression.

Also performing are Alfred Abel, Irina Mueller, Richard Auldon Clark, Clara Abel, Michele Grossman, Taylor DiClemente and Joseph Jones.

Partners include The Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Butler University Jordan College of the Arts, Encore Orchestral Strings and Indianapolis Violins.

Additional sponsors include Broad Ripple Family Dental (Dr. Kasie Nam), Andrew Engle LLC, Sandaruwan Geeganage and Kristin Johnson, Eli Lilly, Amelia Hathaway, and Julia Whitworth and Ray Neufeld.