TAO: Drum Heart
Presented by Butler Arts Presents

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TAO: Drum Heart is the latest production from TAO, internationally-acclaimed percussion artists. TAO’s modern, high-energy performances showcasing the ancient art of Japanese drumming have transfixed audiences worldwide. Combining highly physical, large-scale drumming with contemporary costumes, precise choreography, and innovative visuals, the performers of TAO: Drum Heart create an energetic and unforgettable production.

The Japanese taiko drum is a complete form of expression and TAO has developed their own unique style from composition to performance. Breaking past the traditional notions of taiko, TAO continues to create and entirely new art form that is modern yet retains sense of nostalgia. Enthralling and mesmerizing the world, the Japanese drum's intense and powerful beat underpins a musical message that penetrates deep into the hearts of audiences. 

Pre-performance speaker: Sally Childs-Helton at 6:45 PM in the Krannert Room.