Phil O'Malley & Lois Templeton - Gallery Exhibit
February 28, 2017 - April 24, 2017
Phil O'Malley & Lois Templeton - Gallery Exhibit
Presented by Butler Arts Presents

This galley exhibit runs from February 28 - April 24. 

The gallery is open 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. 

Lois and Phil met in Lois’ Murphy Building studio on the First Friday evening in March, 2007. They started talking about painting and the conversation was exhilarating enough for Lois to ignore her other guests. Lois and Phil became studio partners and then business partners with their independent publishing of their children’s book titled, Who Makes The Sun Rise? That book became the text for a children’s art & literacy project, Somethin’ to Crow About. Lois and Phil have collaborated on many projects and fundraisers since. This show commemorates their 10 year anniversary as studio partners.

Lois is an abstractionist and Phil is a multi-discipline artist. This exhibit is about their work as painters.

Lois and Phil are both Herron School of Art and Design Alumnus.