Missy Camille and Bonnie Fillenwarth: Gallery Exhibition 
November 12, 2019 - December 6, 2019
Missy Camille and Bonnie Fillenwarth: Gallery Exhibition 
Presented by Butler Arts Presents

This exhibit runs from November 12 til December 6. 

Welcoming women of history as her muse, Bonnie Fillenwarth creates pieces that stand the test of time and bring forgotten women back into the spotlight. Her most recognized work is her portrait of Hedy Lamarr radiating with the wi-fi code the actress invented. That suits Bonnie wonderfully as she herself is a self-proclaimed nerd.

Currently in her studio at the historic Stutz Business and Art Center, Bonnie is working on 100 American Suffragists series for the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 2020. An Indianapolis native, Bonnie is a graduate of Herron School of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University.

Artist Statement from Missy Camille: 

               Presidential history has alway been a fascination of mine. I have biography books about presidents that I bought from a library sale as an eight year old. Outside their time as president, their lives vary from seemingly ordinary to almost unbelievable. I read up on each president. Not their politics necessarily, I wanted to know them as a person as best I could. Did they have children? Who was their wife? What type of woman was she? What was their career path that lead them to the presidency? It is an intriguing project that I would recommend to any curious mind. I am now starting to read the biographies of each president.

As an artist, I love portraits. I am not tied down to realism. Andy Warhol is an influence in my work. But really, who hasn't been influenced by him? I also adore Chuck Close's portrait work. The face and eyes are so intriguing to me.

These two interests sparked my desire to attempt a painting of George Washington in solely red, white and blue. I did a small study, and fell in love. I knew I would have to paint them all. It is a living series. I will paint every president that is elected while I am alive. The series has been a huge hit in every place they have been displayed. They are eye catching. They spark discussion. Who was president when you were born? Who was the tenth? This is exactly my intention with this series. I want to open a discussion about the lives of the men who have held this office.