Laura Stennett: Guided Gallery Tour
November 6, 2018
Laura Stennett: Guided Gallery Tour
Presented by Butler Arts Presents

Finding Home: Something of a Journey

Finding Home: Something of a Journey brings together the works of Laura Stennett in an exhibition about her journey moving from West Texas to Indiana. The visual story has no finite beginning or end, only a continual movement through landscapes and memories. A glimpse of sunlight, cotton fields, tumbleweeds, wind and rushing streams playfully move between each other, becoming intertwined with ink washes and gold detailing. This woven landscape is where Laura Stennett finally finds home. 

This exhibit runs from November 6 to January 26. Artwork is available for viewing during lobby hours, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. Art is also available for viewing during events for patrons attending the event.