Johann Buis: The Human Obsession with Music
February 16, 2018
Johann Buis: The Human Obsession with Music

Humans need sound as much as they need air. Little wonder that the air is most often the carrier of sound. This presentation examines why humans are obsessed with music and the psychological basis for music enjoyment. An invitation explores ways in which universities of the 21st century could join in exploring music in its rich varieties and differences. The digital revolution causes academics to re-evaluate the democratization of the production, mediation, and dissemination of music. This reality is both a challenge and an opportunity to navigate music and difference. Conventional training best equips the next generation to develop new tools and strategies in order to address unprecedented new realities. Join in a thought-provoking presentation that looks at the human obsession with music and the call to the academic community: let’s explore both music studies and the studies of difference.