J. James Woods Lecture Series: Greg Gage
March 18, 2020
J. James Woods Lecture Series: Greg Gage

Greg Gage is the co-founder and CEO of Backyard Brains, an organization that develops open-source tools that allow amateurs and students to participate in neural discovery.  Backyard Brains develops DIY versions of advanced neuroscience research tools which are appropriate for amateurs and are used in middle/high school educational programs.  Their simple, yet powerful neuroscience kits have been popularized through engaging TED TALKS and MYTHBUSTER videos.

Greg is an NIH-award winning neuroscientist with 9 popular TED Talks and dozens of peer-reviewed publications and was the recipient of the White House Champion of Change from Barack Obama award for his commitment to citizen science.

This event is free and open to the public, no tickets required. 

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