II. Imagine the Possibilities: An Exhibition of Transitional Quilts
April 16, 2019 - May 10, 2019
II. Imagine the Possibilities: An Exhibition of Transitional Quilts
Presented by Butler Arts Presents

"NOT JUSTA DREAM" : This 2-sided quilt was designed by Diane Breman and Karen Colglazier. It was inspired by the memory of Karen's daughter Carrie, and her love of horses and Montana. This quilt will be featured in the second exhibition.

This series of three exhibitions will explore various genres of quilts and quilt inspired art. The exhibitions will include traditional, antique and vintage quilts; transitional quilts using more contemporary techniques, materials and subject matter; and modern or contemporary art quilts and fiber art. These three exhibitions will follow an historical progression from quilts as functional objects to quilt making as a medium of artistic expression...with some surprises exhibited in each show!

I. An Exhibition of Traditional, Antique and Vintage Quilts (March 19-April 12, 2019)

   Opening reception Tuesday, March 19, at 6pm.

II. An Exhibition of Transitional Quilts (April 16-May 10, 2019)

   Opening reception Tuesday, April 16, at 6pm.

III. An Exhibition of Contemporary Art Quilts and Fiber Art (May 14-June 7, 2019)

    Opening reception Tuesday, May 14, at 6pm.

All included quilts are from Indiana-based artists or have an Indiana connection. Each exhibition will also include quilt-inspired fine art, and displays of quilt gardens and quilt murals. These displays are presented in collaboration with Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The exhibition was inspired by the vision of James Cramer (Community Relations Director of Clowes Hall) in collaboration with Karen Colglazier. The display installations will utilize an innovative hanging system developed by John Lucas, Artwork Rigging Engineer for Clowes Hall. This exhibition and the rigging systems were underwritten by grants from Karen and Bud Colglazier.

Curatorial Committee:

Karen (Dietz) Colglazier (Butler ‘70, ‘74), Cathy Franks, Caryl Schuetz (Butler ‘64), Laura Welklin

Exhibitions are available for viewing by the public during lobby hours, Monday- Friday from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. 

Included Images: 

Miles II Variation Mural: This triptych barn mural is a variation of a quilt design created by fiber artist Shirley Shenk. The mural, which hangs at th eOld Bag Factory in Goshen, Indiana, was painted by artist Jeff Stillson. A scale model replica of this mural will be displayed during the second exhibition. 

Les Fleurs dans Mon Jardin: The pattern for this quilt was adapted from a Blck of the Month series by Lisa DeBee Schiller. The blocks were hand appliqued and embellished, and machine pieced. The quilt was hand quilted. 

Double Wedding Ring Quilt: The hand pieced quilt top of this iconic traditional pattern, often give as a wedding gift, was purchased in northner Indiana. Machine quilted by Cathy Franks using a feathered wreath pattern, it is an excellent example of a transitional quilt.