Hello From The Magic Tavern
August 2, 2019
Hello From The Magic Tavern
Presented by Butler Arts Presents

Hello from the Magic Tavern is an improvised narrative podcast where everything that is said becomes canon. In each episode, the cast of improvisors use the chat show format to interview guest characters and add to the ever-growing mythos of the magical world of Foon. One part improvised comedy and one part fantasy world building make for an experience much like being at a pub with your friends, talking about the events of the day. It just so happens that the events of the days in Foon include kings, goblins, and witches.

8:00 PM: This show is a side quest where they actually accomplish something.

10:00 PM: This show will include them playing Werewolf with a number of guests including James D'Amato and cast members of the NeoScum podcast.

This event is not part of GenCon, you cannot gain admittance with your credentials. Tickets must be purchased separately.