National Geographic Live: Coral Kingdoms and Empires of Ice with David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes

October 26, 2021 @ 10:30am

Showtime: 10:30 AM

Venue: Clowes Memorial Hall

Recommended age group: 5 – 8

Coral Kingdoms and Empires of Ice 

Explore rarely seen undersea worlds with two photographers creating a visual voice for the world’s oceans.  David Doubilet is a legend in underwater photography. Together with his wife and underwater partner, photojournalist Jennifer Hayes, he has explored three unique marine environments for National Geographic. Join them to explore the rich and diverse waters of Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea, part of the “coral triangle.” Next dive into the world beneath the Antarctic ice, then north to the Gulf of St. Lawrence to see whales, wolffish, and harp seals.

Photo credit: Jim Abernathy

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About David and Jennifer: 

David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes are a photographic team for National Geographic magazine focusing on ocean environments. Their photography is a universal language to create a visual voice for a fragile and finite world. 

Doubilet began photographing a dark green Atlantic when he first put his Brownie Hawkeye camera in a rubber anesthesiologist’s bag at the age of twelve. He received his first National Geographic assignment while at Boston University. Hayes’ passion for conservation of primitive fishes lead to graduate degrees in zoology and marine ecology that evolved into photography and storytelling to document and share her subjects. 

Doubilet and Hayes believe images have the power to inform, illuminate, celebrate, honor, and humiliate —and most importantly, create change. As a team, they wish to promote the power of collaboration and to support emerging ocean advocates of the next generation. 

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