Charlotte's Web

November 12, 2021 @ 10:00am

Showtime: 10:00 AM

Venue: Clowes Memorial Hall

Recommended age group: 1 – 5

A creative spin on a classic tale! This reimagined production features bluegrass music and a clever set design, telling the treasured story of selfless love and the true meaning of friendship. Join Charlotte, Wilbur, and their farm animal friends in this terrific tale of bravery and hopefulness. Recommended for ages 4 to 10.

Charlotte’s Web is written by Joseph Robinette (Broadway:  A Christmas Story The Musical), based on the novel by E.B. White. Original direction and set design by Andrew Rasmussen (Broadway: Ruben & Clay’s First Annual Christmas Carol Family Fun Pageant Spectacular Reunion Show), costume design by Tristan Raines (Broadway:  Bring It On The Musical), and original music composition and orchestrations by “Sheriff” Bob Saidenberg, Kat Minogue, Robert Abrahams, and Michael Donovan.

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