Student Production

Butler Theatre presents The Stag

November 11, 2021 @ 12:00pm

Showtime: 12:00 PM

Venue: Schrott Center for the Arts

By Carlo Gozzi

Adapted & Directed by Elaina Artemiev

Scenic Design Rob Koharchik and Jackie Mahon, Lighting Design by Kevin Shannon, Costume Design Wendy Meaden

From Dramatic Publishing:

King Stag takes place in a theatre where we see the kingdom of Serendippo appear before our eyes with the help of the great and magnificent wizard, Durandarte. At issue is the wish of King Deramo to find an honest woman to be his queen. He does so with the help of the wizard’s invention, a statue whose smiles can alert the king to lies and dishonesty. Unfortunately, his prime minister, Tartaglia, wickedly undermines his trust, his government and his marriage. Arlecchino, the zany clown, conducts us through Serendippo, where we are treated to surprising transformations. Deramo can be the king one moment and the stag the next; Tartaglia, the evil counselor, can turn himself into the king; and magical sprites turn into animals in the enchanted forest of Roncislappe. Paranoia threatens to unravel the whole kingdom, especially through the inept maneuvering of Capitano Spavento (head of the secret service) and his two henchmen, Cric and Crac. In the midst of this, romantic love blossoms between King Deramo and Angela, comic love between Leandro and Clarice, and farcical love between Arlecchino and Smeraldina. And it is love that emerges triumphant in this riveting and hilarious comic fantasy.

From Director Elaina Artemiev:

“The King Stag” is a beautiful fairytale about The King Deramo who disclosed a secret spell to a menacing Minister Tartaglia. Abominable Tartaglia used the spell to turn The King into a deer. The King returned to his human form only thanks to love and devotion of his wife Angela.

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